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helping little bands make it big

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$250/each - one 60-min session

$150/each - four 60-min sessions

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Grow your very own cult fanbase, authentically market your music, carry out high-impact releases and climb up through the ranks of the music industry.


Artists receive an outline of 4-6 months worth of action steps, plus a recording of our session.

Good booking strategy will grow your audience faster and than any promo service on the market. 

In this short workbook, you'll learn to grow your fanbase without booking long, expensive tours, taking time off work, or waiting around for a lucky break.

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In my 1:1 coaching, I give artists the tools to build sustainable careers worth dedicating their lives to. I see authentic storytelling as the most powerful marketing tool and help my clients escape the rat race of chasing marketing trends in favor of building and nurturing true, dedicated fan communities.

In addition to coaching musicians, I write and publish as much educational content as possible for artists. You can find my first workbook, aimed at teaching artists how to tour and make the most of their live shows, above. I'm also working on a marketing e-book, which I'm hoping to publish in June. Sign up for my email list here if you'd like to get updated when that comes out!
Developing artists need support from people who have deep knowledge of the industry AND are creative enough to envision what is possible for artists as the industry evolves. That’s exactly what you get working Cassidy.

Chris Funk, The Decemberists, Portugal. The Man

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