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little red radio promotion

college radio promo for the future
reach and retain the most dedicated music fans

how do we do it?


gather assets & radio send-outs

This is the easy part. You send us CDs, photos, bio, and links, and we assemble fancy press kits and send your music out to hundreds of college and community radio stations around the US and Canada. We even send out CDs in shiny little red envelopes so station managers know they're about to open something that's really special.


radio outreach and airplay reporting

We communicate with music directors, track airplay, and report progress to our artists weekly for the duration of our college radio promotion campaigns. We keep you in the loop with easy to read reporting that helps you understand how your record is performing out on the airwaves.


building your college radio community

Here's where the real magic happens! We help you further engage with stations with social media content and giveaways and put a huge emphasis on securing live performances at station campuses in your region. Our holistic approach to music promo is designed to help artists build lasting connections.

our rate is 3500 usd

all inclusive for a 10 week campaign

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