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grow your music career with personal advice and organized action in our 12-month artist workshop


Who It's For

  • Artists who are tired of waiting for their lucky break and are ready to take charge of their careers

  • Artists who are ready to put time, energy, and focus into building and serving a passionate fanbase

What You'll Learn

Booking Strategy

A smart booking strategy is the easiest way to get your act in front of high quality new fans. Our time-tested practices will get you out of playing the same shows and into bigger rooms.

Release Planning

We have helped usher hundreds of records into the world. Releasing music correctly takes planning but once you've built that muscle it's easy to do. 

Creating Authentic Content

Most musicians we know get squirmy when you mention marketing. We help you channel your authentic creativity and help you find repeatable and effective ways to deliver it to your fans.

Audience Building

If you want to make money as a musician, you need a group of dedicated fans who routinely buy your albums and merch. We dive deep into how to build your email list and nurture your super-fans.


We help you set up yearly, monthly, and weekly tasks to ensure you're experiencing consistent growth, not just waiting around for opportunities to fall in your lap.

Networking In Your Niche

You don't have to magically become an extrovert overnight. Networking can be easy when you're connecting with people you genuinely admire. We'll show you how!



  • Group meets once a month for 12 months

  • Sessions are 90 mins long and scheduled on a weeknight

  • There will be work we ask you to do between sessions


We're ​offering this program for $250/month

Ready To Get To Work?

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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